Friday, April 22, 2011

House Hunting!

God has already been so faithful and encouraging to us in so many ways in these beginning steps of the process of marriage, moving and ministry.

One of the ways has been in His provision of extremely kind strangers who are graciously welcoming us into McKinney and helping find a place to live.

One great example is a couple of women in McKinney, Stephanie and Christine.

Talking with my sister-in-law, Christa, a couple of months ago about Erin and my desire to find a rent house in McKinney, she told me of a friend she knew that lived in the area, loves it out there, and even has some rental property of her own out there.  A few phone calls and texts later, and Stephanie in McKinney was inviting Erin and I out to her neighborhood to get a personal drive-through of the town and to hear about what it is like living there.

Stephanie is in the Guinness book of World Records as the Nicest-Lady-West-of-the-Mississippi.  She dropped her Saturday plans, loaded us up in her mini-van and drove us around town pointing out properties and telling us all about the demographic and joys of living in the community.  Not only was it an encouragement to already get to know someone, but it helped Erin and I get a sense of the community in which we are hoping to reach out and be a part of.  I was getting excited because I felt like it was a great beginning the processes of learning and studying the community in order to best bring to them the gospel of Jesus.

After toting us around for a bit, Stephanie gladly offered to connect us with her real estate friend, Christine.  Little known fact: Christine is next to Stephanie in her picture in the Guinness Book, should Stephanie be forced to forfeit her title, Christine would take her place!  Such incredibly gracious and caring people.

(btw - as far as I know neither of them are actually in the GBoWR)

Christine has offered to give us her professional real estate services to help us find a place - and she is offering her services FOR FREE!!  God is already giving us so many blessings and helping assure Erin and I of His call to be out here.  So Christine is now helping us find a place and hopefully sometime in June we will lock a place down!

Please pray with us that the Lord will give us the home that is exactly where we wants, to reach out to the people around us and be a light for His gospel!

Thanks for all your support!  We love to get encouraging emails!! : )
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