Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun Day in McKinney

Hey friends!

Just a quick update.  Today, Erin and I got to spend the afternoon getting to know the McKinney area a little better.  Today we got to meet with our realtor, Christine, check out a couple of homes and spend some time looking and walking around the downtown McKinney area.  Here's a quick recap.

After meeting me at my place to pray before we headed out, Erin and I went to meet Christine at one of the rent homes she had previously shown us through email.  Although the location was great and it was a great remodel, it didn't quite have the space we are looking for to do the things we feel God wants us to be ready to do.  So it was on to the next place on our list.

This house was a little further away from the downtown area, but it had everything we were looking for!  Erin and I both really felt like we could call this place 'home' for a year or more and had a great peace about it after we looked around and asked questions.  Now it's up to God to show us if this is where He wants us to live and be a light to the neighborhood and we are seeking Him and continuing our pursuit of this place.  Once we land on the right home we will let you know so maybe some of y'all could come visit!! : )

After looking at rent homes we decided to cruise around the downtown area and just people watch and get something to drink.  We landed at a fun little restaurant called Spoon's Cafe and then walked around and snapped some photos.

It was a great afternoon in McKinney and I am grateful to Jesus for leading and calling me and Erin to this place.  His presence was felt today for sure and we ask that you continue to partner with us in prayer as we seek Him in this process.

I'll leave you with some pictures we took!!  Enjoy!


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