Monday, April 25, 2011

Future In-Laws and Multiple Defeats...

I understand that the title of this post may be the beginning lines to a counseling session on 'what's causing the most anxiety in your life', but it's actually all in good fun!

Erin's parents are in town from good 'ol San Antone for the week and it has been so much fun being with them.  I was thinking about it all and I became overwhelmed with God's unending grace in my life.  If He was just giving me Erin to spend the rest of my life with I would be the most blessed man on the planet, but on top of that He is giving me a great brother-in-law who has a desire to be used in this life for Jesus, and a future mother-in-law and father-in-law who have Christ as the center of their lives, marriage and family - and I am so blessed to have them in my life.

But here's the craziest thing...

... I actually like them.

In other words, I would hang out with them.  Even if the 'bonds of holy matrimony' didn't shackle me to them, I would actually want to spend time with them.  All of them.  Because they're just that great!

So my hope is that Erin and I will be able to build a family taking the best parts of both our families.  I hope and pray that Erin and I will take the incredible hospitality, provision and caring that my parents offer to friends and strangers alike and build a home that is a welcome place to all who need it.  And I hope that we take Erin's family's tight-knit relationship with each other to build a home where everyone in it is built up together in Christ.  It was great seeing Erin's future in-laws and my future in-laws together and enjoying the coming together of two families.  Both Erin and I are truly blessed by the families we come from and how God has orchestrated our lives (Acts 17:26).

So, here are the weekends 'defeats.'

Both the Mavs and the Spurs lost.  Mavs in a 'we've seen this before' sort of meltdown and the Spurs dropping another to the 8th seeded Grizzlies.  This makes for interesting dynamics when Spurs and Mavs fans are watching the playoffs under the same roof! : )  The only one happy about basketball on Saturday was Michael, Erin's brother, who is a Lakers fan.  His pain would come Sunday night!

And speaking of Sunday, it was a great Easter with Erin's family.  That afternoon, after introducing Erin's family to the McKinney area, we decided to have some family fun by going bowling.  I'll save you the story of how surprisingly good Erin's mother is at the game, but Michael and I had a friendly wager going: Lowest score between us has to by the other lunch wherever they want.

And the result? (I'll just say it came down to the last throw on the last frame)


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