Friday, June 10, 2011

Honey, I'm home.

Feels like home.
...Choose this day whom you will serve... But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."  
Joshua 24:15

I'm here.  Literally.  Sitting here in our new living room, in the middle of our new city, awaiting our new ministry and embarking on our new life together.  The wedding is just over a month away and the anticipation is growing.  Some wonderful friends helped us move all of our things into our McKinney home and this is where I'll be until my beautiful wife joins me soon.  I can't wait to begin our life together and start things off in this amazing little answer-to-prayer house that the Lord has provided.

75% Success Rate
Erin and I are both new to the McKinney community, but I think we are both already seeing why so many people love it.  It's got an amazing mix of old and new, historic sites and contemporary amenities, different ethnicities and economic standings living a few yards away from each other - a ripe field ready for a gospel harvest.  I can't wait to see the relationships and lives that God has ordained for me and Erin to get to know, love, learn from, and share Christ with.  And it is so friendly already!  On a jog through the neighborhood early this evening, I would bet at least 75% of folks (you've got to say 'folks' around here!) that were either driving, walking, or sitting with friends in the driveway offered or responded to the 'stranger wave.'  You would have thought this was the 100th time they'd seen me run by based on the friendly smiles, waves and few sentences of small talk.  Such an encouragement to my heart to know that there is an atmosphere of open community here that should make for great relationships and friendships to be built.

My First New Friend
So, speaking of relationships.  Meet Landon, my buddy from across the street.  He is the young man that saw us moving last week and helped us out (and ate lunch with us).  He is out of school for the summer and has been frequenting the house looking for something to do.  This morning he helped me with some landscaping around the house and then, in return, he helped me learn about all the new Xbox games coming out!

Prayer Request
We have had so many sweet friends (and friends of friends who I've never even met!) who have offered to spread the word about me needing to find employment soon, but we could still use prayers and any leads you might have to offer.  The sovereign Lord has everything worked out, we just want to be faithful to walk in the steps He desires.

Pray for the upcoming wedding.  Most all of the details are set in place, but Erin and I both desire it to be a Christ-centered time where we celebrate the gospel together!

Pray for us.  That I may learn to love Erin as Christ loves the church and that she can love me as the church is to love Christ (Ephesians 5).

Living Room of our New Home!! : )
Thanks so much for all your support!  To God be the glory, great things He has done!


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  1. The living room looks great! Glad you guys were able to put the table together :)