Thursday, December 8, 2011

30th Birthday Surprise Spectacular!!!!

I have the sweetest wife.  She is my best friend and the person I love most in the world.  And she gave me the best 30th birthday present ever - a surprise party at our house with a bunch of my closest friends.  And since I was born in 1981 it was an awesome 80's theme bonanza!

So here's the deal, not only is she super awesome at planning a secret surprise party - but she is also great at telling the story.  So if you click on the link below you will be taken to her personal blog page to read about it from her account (it tells the story of the day and there are great pics).

I will just post a few fun photos here but check out here blog to read the story.

Erin is awesome and I love her so much.

Erin's Blog Post on the Surprise Party!

Here are a few pics (including the second best present (next to the party itself) - a hand-picked, hand-signed, hand-delivered card from my beautiful niece, Elizabeth) ::


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