Thursday, May 19, 2011

From House Hunting to Job Hunting

Hey Friends,

The countdown is ticking away and Erin and I are so excited.  A couple weeks until I move into our home in McKinney, less than two months until we get married, and then a week together on our honeymoon before we begin our new life up north on Highway 75.

God is Good
God is good.  And so we give thanks.  (Psalm 100:5, 106:1)

And these are the moments that Erin and I need to cement in our minds because the tough times are coming and we need to remember that God's character doesn't change with our circumstance.  So right now life is fun, full and exciting and it's good to celebrate God in that.  But we know that it won't always be this way.  If our desire is to build a family (our personal one and a larger spiritual one) that is a light for the gospel, then attacks are coming.  Peter reminds us not to be surprised when the attacks come, but to hold on and to actually rejoice because it's heading closer and closer to being with Christ in His glory (1 Pet. 4:12-16).

And so we press on, thanking God that He has chosen us and called us and knowing that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4)

Help Wanted
This sort of has double-meaning right now.  It is the sign indicating that I am looking for a job, but also that we are looking for help in the process.

Erin and I both are trusting God's provision for us work-wise and He has given Erin a steady job currently.  (The main reason it is so steady is because she is such a hard-worker and seeks to be excellent at all she does and so the company doesn't want to even think about her leaving!  She is so amazing!!)

As we trust, we know that part of our calling is to get to know the city of McKinney as a whole, and that starts with hammering down our stakes and making relationships.  God has laid it on my heart to leave my position at Woodcreek Church and to seek to find a job in McKinney where we can begin that process of grafting ourselves into the community there.

My prayer and vision from God is that working in the community will be that initial inroad to proclaiming the gospel to the people in McKinney.

So my job criteria is this:

1)  In McKinney 
(it doesn't make sense to take a job in Plano to learn and build relationships with the people of McKinney)

2)  With people 
(working out of the home, once again, impedes the 'making relationships' factor)

3)  Provides Stable Income 
(For Erin and I to live, be a blessing to others, and begin saving money for the church plant)

I know what you're thinking... "Mike, McKinney has an incredible art scene and they are always looking for great-looking young men to be models and poster-boys for ads and stuff.  You should just use your modeling skills and make more money than you could ever spend."

And my answer is, "Well, duh... But where's the struggle and fun in that?"  : )

Seriously, though, here's how you can help:

1)  Pray for us.  We know that God will provide, we just want to be faithful in seeking Him and going exactly where He calls us.  So our prayer is for personal revelation on where we need to look/go/serve etc. because we know He has already set up the right place for us.

2)  Let us know!  We know that part of the Lord's process in providing for us might be through connections we have.  So if you know anyone that is looking for a college graduate (with a Master's degree in education) who has spent the last 6 years serving in ministry to help them out with ANYTHING in McKinney - please send me an email!  I'm up to following the Lord anywhere and doing anything.  Contact me for more info and my resume if you'd like!

Thanks again for everything and every prayer you say for us!  We are so grateful to Jesus for every one of you all!


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